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A day after deadly violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia when right wing extremists and white supremacists marched on the University of Virginia campus – partly in protest against plans to remove a Confederate monument –, a staunch defender of Confederate symbols and monuments in Mississippi has responded.

“Conservatism is neither fascist nor racist,” Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel wrote on Facebook. “Indeed, any idea that devalues the dignity of the individual is antithetical to our political philosophy — one which seeks the maximum in personal liberty consistent with social order.”

With that, McDaniel sought to turns readers attention to a different danger: Violent left-wing extremists.

“With that said, in our condemnation of racism (a form of collectivism), let us not ignore that the Antifa ideology is uniquely predicated upon violence,” McDaniel wrote. He then went on to list acts of violence committed by radical leftist groups – including black radicals – stretching back to 1969.


“And that was decades before Trump became president,” McDaniel wrote. “To blame him for this nonsense is ridiculous.”

McDaniel did not mention the role of pro-Confederate organizations nor the role of Neo-Nazis in the violent march in Charlottesville.

On Monday, McDaniel criticized U.S. Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi – who many believes McDaniel plans to challenge in the 2018 Republican primary – after Wicker called for Mississippi to take down its Confederate emblem-bearing state flag, which was seen being carried by members of the Ku Klux Klan in Charlottesville.

“Roger Wicker is using the tragedy in Charlottesville to AGAIN stand with liberals and call for the removal of our state flag,” McDaniel wrote. “Unbelievable.”

You can read McDaniel’s full statement on the Charlottesville below:

Conservatism is neither fascist nor racist. Indeed, any idea that devalues the dignity of the individual is antithetical…

Posted by Senator Chris McDaniel on Sunday, August 13, 2017

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