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Announcing Deep South Voice

When most people think of the Deep South, they think of a culturally homogenous region where there’s a gun in every closet and a fire and brimstone preacher on every corner. But in fact, the Deep South is one of the most diverse parts of America.

States like Mississippi and Georgia will be majority-minority before the country as a whole. There are people here of every faith, skin tone, orientation, ability, gender expression, and ethnic background, and they all have a story to tell and a perspective to share. It’s a shame those stories and perspectives aren’t heard more often.

That’s why Deep South Daily will now be known as Deep South Voice. In the coming months, we’ll be working every day and to find and amplify exciting new voices, ideas, and perspectives from our region.

We’ll work to uncover the stories that more traditional media outlets don’t cover. We’ll work to make local and statewide races as important to the people as national races – if not more. We’ll use every form of media we have available to us to create content – video shorts, documentaries, photo essays and even podcasts to help us fulfill this mission.

In the beginning, most of our focus will be in Mississippi, where we now have an office in Hattiesburg. Moving forward, our hopes are to expand out to our Deep South sister states – states like Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia.

But we can’t do this without your help. We have the vision and we’re ready to put in the work. So make sure you follow us on Facebook and on our other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram @deepsouthvoice. Invite your friends to follow us on these platforms, too. Sign up for our newsletter below if you haven’t already. And please, share our content. Because ultimately, your voices are the ones that will make Deep South Voice successful.

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