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Dr. Russell Moore, who spoke openly against Trump in 2016, has spoken out against Christians who support Roy Moore.

Even as evangelicals circle the wagons around U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama – despite allegations that he sexually abused teenage girls as young as 14 – one Southern Baptist leader is speaking out.

Russell Moore (no relation to Roy), President of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said a religion that would support a man like Moore is “predatory” and “soul twisting.”

“A church that worships Jesus stands up for vulnerable women and girls,” Russell Moore wrote on his Twitter account. “A church that worships power sees them as expendable.”

He blasted evangelicals for what he sees as standing on the side of violence and racism.

“This is why I spend so much time talking about nominal, culturally Christian ‘religion,'” the Southern Baptist leader wrote. “It is predatory, soul-twisting, covers over violence and racism and molestation. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings life and joy and rest and peace.”

Russell Moore warned that churches who support Roy Moore are sending a dangerous message to women and girls in their congregations.

“There are girls and women in our churches, right now, wondering where they can turn as they are molested by predators,” Russell Moore wrote. “I know Jesus’ answer. What about that of the church?”

A follower commented, “Values voters now means what?”

“Nothing,” Russell Moore responded.

Earlier in the day, a fifth woman came forward to accuse Moore of sexual assault. She said she met Moore when she was a waitress. In a tearful press conference, she described allegations of him locking her in his car and trying to force her to engage in sexual acts, before threatening her to remain silent and throwing her out of the vehicle.

Last week, a woman alleged that Moore attempted to have sex with her when she was 14 years old, meaning she was underage at the time.


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