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A black security guard who faced-off with protesters waving Confederate and Mississippi state flags over the weekend has been fired from his job with the Capitol Police allegedly for “inappropriate behavior,” according to several sources.

A video emerged from Saturday showing the guard – who was working at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum – arguing with members of the Delta Flaggers, who frequently show up at locations across the state with Confederate flags, Trump flags, and Mississippi state flags to protest efforts to remove the Confederate emblem from the state’s flag.

The video shows the security growing agitated after repeatedly asking protesters to back away from the entrance to the museum.

According to the Delta Flaggers, two of their members were attempting to take a photo with the museum’s sign, but the video shows them standing around the guard. “This is your flag, too!” one of the protesters tells him, while pointing to the state flag. At one point, the guard momentarily grabs the pole of one of the flags being carried around him by the protesters.

The Flaggers were lined up across from the museum for a parade they were taking part in.

The Delta Flaggers claim that a separate video, posted by them on Facebook, validates their side of the story. That video can be seen below:

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