Endorsement: Why Democrats Should Vote for David Baria

In Mississippi, Baria is the only choice for Democrats who want an alternative to Wicker

Source: David Baria for Mississippi/Facebook

Today, Mississippi State Representative David Baria will square off against Howard Sherman – the husband of Meridian native and actress Sela Ward – in Mississippis’ Democratic Primary to challenge U.S. Senator Roger Wicker for his seat.

For Democrats, the choice should be easy: Baria of Bay St. Louis is a long-serving Mississippi native.

Baria supports Medicaid Expansion – something Mississippi desperately needs that its Republican leadership has refused to accept –, the protections of the Affordable Care Act, and LGBT rights. He is a candidate any Mississippi liberal should be proud to support. Even so, he has been re-elected over the past 11 years as a Democrat in House District 122, where Donald Trump won 74 percent of the vote.

That’s a big contrast to Howard Sherman, who did not register vote in Mississippi until 2009 and who has still never voted even once in the state since.

Sherman’s record also leaves much to be desired, to put it kindly. Until recently, Sherman has acted as a Republican. Just last year, he donated $5,000 to Wicker’s campaign – the same Wicker he now wants Democrats to nominate him to run against.

Sherman has made at least one other notable donation: He donated to then-Senator Jeff Sessions – now the United States Attorney General who has rolled back efforts by the Justice Department to end the use of private prisons.

Sherman has his own interests in private prisons. In an interview with the Jackson Free Press last week, he had spoke of his own business ties to prisons:  “I’m actually involved in a company that is moving their production to a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, because they are opening a factory within the prison,” Sherman said.

There is absolutely no reason Democrats should give their vote to a man who has never voted in the state he wants to represent – especially not when he fails the most basic tests of liberal, Democratic Party values.

Democrats, you should cast your vote for David Baria tomorrow. He is the only candidate who has the credibility to take Roger Wicker on.