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Deep South Voice is looking for writers!

As part of our ongoing mission to be “a voice for Southern diversity,” Deep South Voice is looking to build a diverse team of writers with unique, thoughtful, and compelling perspectives and viewpoints to share. At present, we are interested in the following types of content:

  • Interesting essays and narratives
  • Regular columns or blogs on a specific topic or area of interest (e.g., Birmingham Politics, LGBT rights, a blog that explores social topics through the lens of progressive faith, et al.)
  • In-depth commentaries and analyses on issues, policies, and ongoing debates
  • Stand alone opinion pieces on current topics
  • Interviews and features on people and entities that represent Deep South diversity

These content pieces should relate to social and political life in the Deep South and writers should have knowledge and understanding of the region and its culture either directly or indirectly. Topics of national interest are permitted and encouraged so long as they are discussed through the prism of the Deep South experience.

Our audience values diversity, civil and social equality, inclusiveness, and social justice. Our content and our team should reflect these values.

Deep South Voice is in its initial stages and we are not presently able to pay contributors what we know they will deserve, but we will be offering writers the chance to opt-in to a revenue share program. If your application is accepted and you are invited to join us, details will be forthcoming.

To apply, send an email to editor@deepsouthvoice.com with “Writer Submission” in the subject line and include the following information (copy and paste it to the body of the email and fill it out there):

Full Name:

Location (City, State):

What kind of content would you like to create? [Choose from: Opinion, Interviews, Features, Commentary/Analysis, Essays/Narratives, Photo, Video, news briefs]

Which states are you most interested in writing about? [Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina]

Which topics are you most interested in writing about? [Ex. LGBT rights, racial justice, state politics, progressive faith, social issues, women’s rights, art, culture, etc.]

What is your relation to the Deep South and what qualifies you as a “Deep South Voice”?

How do you represent “Southern diversity”?

Writing Sample [Either directly copy and paste a writing sample here, or paste links to relevant samples (web articles, blog posts, or even well-thought-out social media posts)]:

Additional thoughts/comments/questions: